Football Star Leaves Show

NFL Hall of Famer Michael Strahan just confirmed that he would be leaving his slot in Fox’s Sunday pregame show as commentator to focus on his other endeavors, especially those in ABC Network.  Strahan wants to know his fans that he is deeply saddened by this decision since football is very close to his heart. However, according to the New York Giant’s former line man, he is having a really hard time juggling his very busy schedule thus, need to forgo one of his stints.   The pregame commentary will be left under former NFL stars Terry Bradshaw and Howie Long. 
Apart from his announcement on leaving Fox Sunday pre game show, Michael Strahan also opened up about his relationship with former co-host Kelly Ripa, three years after he left his gig with her at “Live” for a full-time position at “Good Morning America”. As the NFL Hall of famer reveals, despite four years of co-hosting a daily talk show, he and Ripa are no longer in touch.
“I haven’t spoken to her since I left the show,” Strahan tells the media. He said that despite being really close for four years while doing the show, that relationship just abruptly ended when he left.  “I considered Kelly as a dear friend” according to Strahan but he also thinks about his career in media and wanted to be out of Kelly’s shadow as a guest co-host and commentator.  Thanks to this move, he now counts as one of the hottest commodities on television, having launched an unconventional post-NFL career that’s the envy of many of his peers. Well, no one could blame Kelly Ripa for being bitter as she was not given a heads up by Strahan nor ABC Network about Strahan’s immediate exit.  Ripa called out of work the next few days after the announcement, and upon her return, explained to the audience that after 26 years with the network, she “earned the right” to take some time off to “gather her thoughts.”   A few weeks of awkward banter ensued between the two for weeks until the time Strahan exited the show on May 13 of 2016.  Strahan still regret losing his friendship with Ripa but he just said that “I learned through all that went down with that, you can’t convince people to like you.”   Strahan now co-hosts Good Morning America‘s third hour, “GMA Day”, with Sara Haines, while Ripa found a new “Live” co-host in Ryan Seacrest, who permanently joined the show in May 2017, after a string of rotating guests.
Strahan’s GMA Day is now one of the most watched talk shows/commentaries in the U.S. today, thanks to his pumped-up attitude as a host (not to mention his gapped tooth smile).  In the show, he is accompanied by award winning journalist Sara Haines and the two provides viewers good vibes every morning.  Aside from GMA Day, he’s a co-anchor on Good Morning America and executive producer and star of ABC’s reboot of the $100,000 Pyramid game show. None of that fits the typical former-athlete game plan.  

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